insurnXT 2022: New Work Panel


Anna Bojíc


May 25, 2022

insureNXT was an absolute successful event for us anyway. Above all, it was the opportunity to work for the first time with business friends with whom we began working during the pandemic

Originally, I wasn't even supposed to.

Just before the panel with Dr. Arne Barinka

No, exactly the other way around: when you as #Startup#Gründerin from three instances such as Uwe Schöpe, Dr. Arne Barinka and Patrick Dahmen#spontan is taken on stage to basically talk about #NewWorkThat you're still on the insureNXT at the stand of Zurich Group Germany had to continue in front of an audience, then you can see very clearly that German insurers, in particular the Zurich Group Germany, who RheinLand Insurance Group And of course the InsurLab Germany e.V. succeeds #Führungskräfte to win that: 🥳 1. consciously after #Diversity in their discussions in order to make them more representative 🥳 2. be aware of the parallels and differences of #Konzernen and #Startups are interested and also take them seriously 🥳 3. get involved #Neugierde and #Lernwillen and joy in #Wissensaustausch a new #Arbeitswelt Basically, we're all pulling in the same direction: We want to take advantage of the changes that the last two years have brought, seize the opportunities that arise, face the challenges and consciously deal with the fact that there is a lot we don't know yet when we try new things - mistakes included. I believe I speak for all of us when I write: we thank the InsurLab Germany e.V., which, among other things, includes insureNXT creates spaces for such fascinating and enriching situations and enables them. Sebastian Pitzler You know what's up! That is important. Because we all want more of it. We want to take on more freedom, more flexibility, more responsibility. More diversity!!! in all areas.