The new era of connectivity with digital wallets

With Wallet Studio, you can exploit the full potential of the digital wallet apps "Apple Wallet" and "Google Wallet". Create dynamic, interactive user experiences where your customers already are - without additional app downloads and firmly integrated into their everyday lives!

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Wallet Studio

From Wallet Pass to engagement in just a few clicks

Do you think Apple Wallet or Google Wallet cards are just digital images of physical cards? Wallet Studio opens up new dimensions. Optimize customer processes and create personalized engagement to reduce costs and increase loyalty.

Maximize the power of native digital wallet apps

Plug and play solutions

Create fully integrated, optimized wallet projects with just one click. You can customize designs, content and user experiences.

First choice and market leader

Leading German and international companies rely on our technology and use it as the first interface to their customers for communication and core processes.

Popular in the trade press

We are incredibly proud that our work and the successes we achieve together with our partners and customers are repeatedly recognized in the trade press.

We write success stories


Reduction of 2nd calls in service. Customers informed by token passes are low maintanance and more satisfied. This saves costs and increases positive feedback.


of users remain active, engaged and in the conversion funnel after 6 months in the context of lead generation with continuous information supply: No wearout effect.


of users over 50 rate our digital insurance cards as excellent. 80% would recommend them to others and only 4% dislike the solution.

Our customers

These industry-leading companies have written amazing success stories with us, set up lighthouse projects and set new trends in their industry together with us.


We change the rules according to which wallet technology can be used

Ready for the ultimate boost in customer satisfaction? We have the solution! Our software and team help companies provide users with a seamless and personalized user experience that is second to none. No more boring, complicated, confusing processes - just the most direct solution, right in the user's digital wallet.

Life at Miss Moneypenny

A mission worth working for

Ready for a wallet revolution? The Miss Moneypenny Technologies team is here to make it happen! We help businesses unleash the power of native apps Google Wallet and Apple Wallet to build authentic, emotional, and uncomplicated connections with user:ins. Bye-bye complicated processes! Bye-bye thousandth app! Hello simple, smart solution.

And the best part? With every digital card we distribute, we reduce plastic, CO2 emissions and waste.