A job we can dance to like no one is watching

We are passionate about purpose-driven work. We're a team of changemakers who are passionate about creating a positive impact. We work together, learn together, and celebrate our successes together. Trust is at the heart of everything we do - we value strong, honest relationships and open communication.

We're a little weird - sometimes

Just because we take our work seriously doesn't mean we can't have fun along the way! We believe in having fun and enjoying each other's company. Our learning mindset is a core value that drives us to continually grow, challenge ourselves, and push boundaries. Join us and become part of a purpose-driven team that values collaboration, trust, learning, and fun.

Growing towards simplicity

Our learning mindset is a core value that drives us to continually grow, challenge ourselves, and push boundaries. As a team we are focused on creating simple, effective solutions that prioritize practicality over flashiness. We're willing to put in the hard work and grit to achieve these goals.


Our core values

We tried to put in words what we as a team thought mattered to us in our day to day work. Here is what we came up with.

We didn't list creativity because that's a given... that's the secret core value.

Strive for personal growth

Our expertise is a great asset to our team, but we also believe in pushing ourselves to new heights.

Be humble, be confident, be awesome

We recognize that we don't have all the answers. However, we're also driven by a belief that with hard work and dedication, we can become truly exceptional in what we do

Enable each other with trust and an open mind

No Politics! This is worth repeating: No Politics!!! We assume positive intend, we don't push personal agendas and we love and protect our diversity.

Elaborate simple, innovative,
high quality

We're not afraid to improvise and embrace MVPs, but we always put in the work to create elegant solutions.

Take ownership, think ahead, stay alert

Our colleagues, customers and users can depend on us. We care and we make sure that what needs to be done is being done. This means we do take over responsibility outside of our job descriptions.

We have grit!
We are high performers!
We deliver!

Facing obstacles and setbacks along the way is just something we do. We counter with a combination of passion, persistence, resilience, and determination to overcome them.

Diversity & Team

The more the merrier

We don’t bully and we don’t like bullies. Your workspace should be a safe space and everyone at Miss Moneypenny Technologies is doing our best to provide such a space for each other. We listen and understand each other’s perspectives, we are honest and clear, and we have respect for each other as individuals and as professionals