Enrich the world with emotional connection

As a Team we come together from all over the world in order to build a great product that gets the job done, enriches the world with emotional connection and reduces waste at the same time.

Do you still have plastic cards in your physical wallet?

Isn’t that insane? And annoying? And wasteful? And just plain stupid? We think so.

Also we think there are too many apps out there. For example we don’t believe that anyone would be excited about downloading 5 different insurance apps just to know their coverage or exchange data in case of a claim. An app just isn’t the right fit for the job.

We believe in a job well done...

And we believe a job is done well when the solution is lean and smart and evokes positive emotions.

Wallet Technologies makes sense to us: A digital card that does all the things the plastic card never did. Like updating in real time. Like sending information when we need it. Like offering digital communication channels. And we like that it doesn’t make your pockets bulky and doesn't clutter our planet with emissions and unnecessary trash.

Btw. the light blue on the graphs you see here still means "average". Dark blue is a negative evaluation. We do rock! 😜

So we’re here to tackle that problem

We work with corporate companies. We make it easy for them to use Wallet Technology. We push the boundaries of what’s possible with it. We lead them into a completely new way of interacting with their customers:

 We help them in making their customers feel safe, supported, curious, happy and valued by the brands they have put their trust in.

And not just as a side effect our solution helps our customers to do all that without using paper, plastic and logistics and thus actively reduces emissions

We believe that in a world, in which corporations have immense impact on human interaction and our planet, they are one necessary place to start to scale what we do.


We mean business: bootstrapped to scale-up

Our company didn’t start on paper with investor money. Our success is not artificial. On the contrary: we managed to be revenue funded, build a product that fits the needs of the market and grow organically for many years. We recently changed pace and took on investors only to finance faster growth, not to sustain. Result: Investors adore us. Clients love us.