We mean business: bootstrapped to scale-up

Our company didn’t start on paper with investor money. Our success is not artificial. On the contrary: we managed to be revenue funded, build a product that fits the needs of the market and grow organically for many years. We recently changed pace and took on investors only to finance faster growth, not to sustain. Result: Investors adore us. Clients love us.

Our Start-up story is a bit different

We were able to build a company and a product that fits the market's needs without depending on investors. We call this revenue funded. You can 100% feel this when you work with us.

Our Scale-up Story just started

Because the pull of the market got super strong through the pandemic we decided to scale faster and take on growth money with a selected investor. Now we’re looking for strong leaders and exceptional contributors to support our success story.


We beginn bootstrapping Miss Moneypenny Tech


Pivot from ML based engines to wallet technology


In 2018 first million AR in sales - still bootstrapped


We identify Insurance as a suitable beachhead market


We're ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified


First VC money: b2venture becomes part of the team


R+V rolls out our car insurance policy cards


Insurers! We are the world's leading supplier in the market

Miss Moneypenny Technologies is much more than an idea

We are a small but strong company with an exceptional product. Many of the leading companies in their respective fields depend on our services to communicate with their customers.

Must have, not nice to have

We offer the interface to the customer our clients were looking for. We are part of central strategic initiatives.

We don’t do cold calls

Because we don’t have to. Our product is what the market craves for and our success proves us right...

Currently trending

In our beachhead market the response to our product blows our minds. We get amazing attention.

Who We Are

Entrepreneurial mindset

Years of successful organic growth and self-sustainability made us super resilient, attracted a core team with a strong can-do attitude and boosted our problem solving creativity. But we know that this was just the beginning and we are excited to grow beyond ourselves.