The more the merrier

We don’t bully and we don’t like bullies. Your workspace should be a safe space and everyone at Miss Moneypenny Technologies is doing our best to provide such a space for each other. We listen and understand each other’s perspectives, we are honest and clear, and we have respect for each other as individuals and as professionals

We know that diversity is a core super power. We were founded that way.

We listen and understand each other's perspectives, we are honest and clear and have respect for each other as individuals and as professionals.

We work towards the same goal

We swarm on topics to help and protect each other

We are one company, one team

We never work against each other to push a personal agenda

We assume positive intent

Each success we have is based on everyone's work every day

We are very well aware of that and we tell each other so. We celebrate our successes as a team and we mourn our losses and build each other up after a f*** up.

When asked what he particularly likes about Miss Moneypenny Technologies, colleague Marius said:

“Diversity. The term is often reduced to treating people regardless of ethnicity, belief or gender in the hope that the mere absence of discrimination will turn things around for the better.

In order to live diversity actively and to benefit from it, it must be embraced and defended internally and externally. This also includes recognizing differences in people outside of the obvious categories, responding to them and integrating them into the community.

This is the case with Miss Moneypenny Technologies.”


Meet our people

We pride ourselves in growing our company with great ambition, exceptional endurance, creativity, lots of fun, and a deliberately small team of extraordinary people from all over the world.

Marc Lampe

Co-founder & CEO

Anna Bojíc

Co-founder & CEO

Vinh Hoi Le Chau

Co-founder & CTO

Rainer Schwarz


Marius Pietsch

COO & Product Manager

Johannes Glück

Director Engineering

Astrid Ehlers

Executive Assistant

Susanne Klingenberg

PA to C-Level

Dung Le

Assistant to CTO

Dr.-Ing. Phillip Käser

Consultant IT Security & Data Protection

Pia Haacke

Founders Associate

Moritz Volkmann

Senior Solution Architect

Anselm Albrecht-Ndoung

Lead Customer Success & Account Growth

Lucas Toboll

Project Manager Onboarding & Roll Out

Leo Muehring

Customer Success Manager

Elisabeth Brand

Account Executive

Danny Lo

UI/UX Designer


Software Engineer

An Nguyen

Frontend Engineer

Duong Thai Nguyen

Frontend Engineer

Khang Nguyen

Backend Engineer

Tuan Pham

Backend Engineer

Tung Dao

Backend Engineer

Work from Anywhere & Benefits

I got my team behind me. Wherever I work from

We grew this company in remote-mode from the beginning, with headquarters in Berlin, a hub in Saigon, and the option of working remotely.