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Anna Bojíc

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May 24, 2023

13 from 3500

We are one of the lucky 13 startups that were selected from a pool of 3500 applicants through a process that was complex for us as well. Time and again, we pitched in front of various board members, explained our solution, took apart details, positioned ourselves on the current app strategy and: Tadaa! We were selected and invited to Zurich for the opening week.

Joel and Andrew present the selection process once again

Support from global board

The special thing about this challenge is not that startups were selected and invited by a company's innovation team, but that the entire board of directors stands behind the project and spends a lot of time in the program to enable and drive the initiatives forward. We have never experienced this before and are looking forward to the effects.

Ericson Chan and Paolo Mantero are fully invested.

Full Founder Power - partly

The program is so important to us that, for once, we invested the entire start-up power in the kick-off week. Marc and I actually had other commitments and talks during the week that we had promised but were still in Zurich on Monday and Friday and were annoyed the days in between not to rock the program with Vinny (bad FOMO).

Ready for take off. #teamlove

The kick-off week was intense

Pitching, Miro Board Madness, Project Planning, Input, and Networking as If There Was No Tomorrow The first week of the program was tough.

Vinny Pitches the Problem and Our Approach
Vinny at the Networking Marathon

Plenty of support from the German Innovation Team

And we wouldn't even be here without this good guy! Tom not only supported us during the application phase, but is also involved hands on and is part of our initiative. We are ready, we have a great desire and a lot of motivation to make a real impact at Zurich: now the program can start!

Marc, Anna, Tom and Vinny fully motivated on graduation evening