SZ conference “The Digital Insurance”


Marc Lampe


December 6, 2022

A good dose of humor. Probing questions mean an infinite amount of (subject) knowledge 🧠. An event through which Herbert Fromme moderated, is always entertaining. This - my last insurance conference this year - was also peppered with some highly interesting presentations (thank you Karsten Crede!) , good discussion panel and lots of mediocre machine coffee. ☕️ Thank you SZ conferences | Finance & InsuranceAnd once again, the insurance industry is making every effort to seriously take the necessary steps towards smart digitization. There is already a lot of good stuff about that. But I absolutely agree with Fromme: That must be faster 🆙 and that must be more! Solutions are there! Not only, but also offered in relevant parts by startups. In the sense: I would like to dedicate this post to my StartUp community, which tirelessly frolicks at conferences, at the snap of a finger for 1, 2, 5, 7 or 20 minutes spontaneously and without slides, on stage or simply in the hallway to pitch as if there was no tomorrow (while others are shoveling cakes and sandwiches). How we stick together, support each other, give advice, share knowledge and best practices, warn, ponder, constructively criticize, complain about suffering and recapture the suffering, sit on emails and presentations deep into the night, hits my heart and is one of the reasons why I would make this madness over and over again. This META understanding of each other at the push of a button is priceless. ❤️❤️❤️ I strongly believe in you, you rock 🎸 Sven Jantzen, Michael Maurer-Pühringer, Steffen Schneider, Dr. Eberhard Riesenkampff, Desiree-Jessica Pely, PhD, Bastian Knutzen, Malte Kosub, Carlo Ulbrich, Utena Treves, Josef Süß And of course Anna Bojic. I will stand by your side! 💪 Let's 10x! 🚀 Thank you for networking with and getting to know: Christina Kiehl, Benedikt Kalteier, Mandy Splettstösser, Hanbing Ma, CFA, Michael Koch, Dr. Ina Nadja Baumann, Tanju Bulut, Christian Gottschalk, Konrad Bartsch, Damaris Kleist, Sebastian Pitzler, Anna Keßler, Thomas Kuckelkorn, Dr. Philipp Johannes Nolte, Anna-Carina Häusler, Thomas Rodewis, Michael Cebulsky, Stefan Lemper, Patrick DahmenKathrin Schwidder, Jan Meessen, Katrin Röske and the ever legendary Simon Schneiderpic Mathis Wienand. Thank you