Reunited in Saigon 😻


Anna Bojíc

News & Updates

February 22, 2023

Covid paralyzed our exchange program for a while in 2020. And so we didn't have a change in that sense, because as a team we've always been spread across the globe and we were used to working remotely, but when the years go by and you can only meet each other digitally at lunch, then something is missing after a while.

So the fact that Marc and I were able to be back here for the first time in years was something very special.

So squatting down from time to time is pretty good...

That doesn't surprise anyone: occupying the same space to work from time to time is a productivity booster. And a happiness booster anyway. In these days, we have removed a few blockers in a very short time that had previously slowed us down a lot. It's nice to be creative together:)


Don't let them fool you 😆

Please do not deceive with this picture: Marc and Eric are not working. They're ordering food right now. Hence the increased level of concentration. It's important 😂

We haven't had dinner together in years.

And that's no good. That's why we changed that quickly... 😻😻😻😻😻 The Year of the Cat is off to a good start for Miss Moneypenny Technologies. We are pleased that our exchange program is now starting again. The few days have already brought so much to all of us.