Panel on Female Leadership ūüí™


Anna Bojíc



March 13, 2023

I was invited by the Digital Hub Initiative to talk about the influence of women leaders at #SXSW. During the discussion, I am surrounded by impressive female leaders, including Isabella H., Dr. Corinna Sinzig, Jana Schellong, and Hedi Razavi, PhD. I am happy and grateful that attention is being paid to this topic and was very happy to be part of it.

In the insurance industry in particular, female managers are still extremely scarce. The people who have fought their way to these positions are incredibly impressive and I am really grateful to be able to learn from them. The expertise, energy, and leadership skills of these great women inspire me every day. I love talking about it because I believe any initiative that helps promote more diversity in an industry is worth the effort. Let's work together to create a diverse and fair working environment. This is the way.