ITHM Christmas Party at Google


Anna Bojíc


December 20, 2022

Shortly before Christmas, the nxt:Customer program comes to a glamorous end at Google Headquarters in Munich. We are super proud that we were one of the 10 startups that should pitch on stage as a small show. Miss Moneypenny Technologies was able to graduate as “Cherry on Top” (not my words but those of Esther Prax 😆)...

InsurTech Rat Pack?

Somehow it remains a constant that in all the programs that we have been able to experience so far, the transfer of knowledge is extremely useful and the contacts with corporations that are enabled as a result are particularly valuable. But what really outshines everything is the connections that arise with other founders. All of them are simply super extraordinary, inspiring personalities. Everyone with their very own superpower.

It is these connections that are particularly close to my heart.

It is difficult to convey how so much trust and familiarity can be created at this speed. But the journey that we experience as founders but also as teams in startups is also particularly intensive and this intensity is a humus on which very special relationships grow.

Till Haug, Jakob Engels, Steffen Schneider, Greg Adams (InsurTech Council Pack 😆)

An InsurTech Innovation Night to Remember

The team from InsurTech Hub Munich prepared this evening lovingly and with a lot of effort, organized great guest contributions, organized away last-minute tech problems with paper cards and cared for and fed scratched founders. A bag full of fleas is no problem, we are high maintenance - love has arrived, dear ITHM team.

The nxt:Customer Crew Says Merry Christmas!