Insurtech Symposium 2022


Anna Bojíc


So Simon Schneider and Marc Steven Schröder Threw this lil “vacation-gathering” and my friend Axel Eppenstein Plus My Humble Self were allowed on their stage (little did they know 😆)... so long story short, we had to be pushed off it or we'd have gone on forever. 😂😂😂 But!! In our defense!!! There was a lot to celebrate and talk about: 🥳 the #AMAZING Results in our #CaseStudy 💪💪🥳 How R+V insurance Manages to Work with Startups 🤩🥳 How Miss Moneypenny Technologies Is a Kick Ass Startup 🥳 How InsurLab Germany e.V. Will save insurance 🥳 how #wallet Technology when applied correctly is mind blowing 🤩 This should be stressed: InsurTech Symposium 2020 was exceptional, truly amazing fun times. So about work-funtime balance: all these people and many many more sat on the funtime side of my scales:anna, esther, michael, stefano, Utena, sebastian, simon, B.J., Dietmar, Lutz, axel, markus, Sabine, nicole ... I have to run to the gate, can't list more people but all of you that I don't manage to mention now: you make my heart sing, can't wait to see you again soon and continue having a blast and learning from you!