Insurtech Insights Europe 2023 🥳


Anna Bojíc


March 8, 2023

It was our first Insurtech Insights in London — incredibly intensive days are behind us.

My highlights?

The many women in tech and women in insurance who had a blast on stage. At the most exciting panels and lectures this year, women such as Hanbing Ma, Magda Ramada Sarasola, Lisa Wardlaw and Sabine Vanderlinden set the tone.

In general, the panels and presentations were extremely profitable for me personally. And not only that, I notice that the style in which people talk about collaboration and co-creation with startups and insurtechs continues to develop positively. It's hardly the 'if' anymore but primarily about 'how' you can successfully implement this trend.

Class trip

As was to be expected, the ITIEU2023 was of course also the usual school trip and the joy of rocking together for 18 hour days “after the winter break” was really great. I never thought that I would find such a community in Insurance right now... No one believes you 😂

And btw. - almost no one believes that either:

The intensity in which startups in particular talk and think about how they can set up their products and services in such a way that they are able to enable the social, the responsible, which should actually lie at the core of the insurance industry — that really moves me. I truly believe in the positive impact we can create.

Speed dating as a marathon event

What can I say, the plethora of new contacts and interest in our solution just blew us away. It also makes you a bit crazy about 😂 Luckily Marc has just the right instinct for that.