Handelsblatt Special Edition Insurance


Anna Bojíc


October 28, 2022

Arrived at #Handelsblatt#InsuranceSummit2022 and stumbled right on to my article in the special issue! 😍🤓 I

I'm a bit proud 😊 Thank you dear Handelsblatt for the opportunity and the invitation and thanks InsurLab Germany e.V. : Once again you've done the intro... 💚

That was an article of the heart!

Dear insurers, please stop shooting yourself in the foot and start real cooperation with the many breathtaking start-ups and scale-ups that are ready to go through the mill of start-up life on a daily basis in order to digitize and innovate for you. It's okay to need us. We need you too. 😉

Click here for the online article: https://live.handelsblatt.com/kooperieren-statt-kopieren-ein-neues-mindset/