Handelsblatt Insurance Summit 2022


Anna Bojíc


November 22, 2022

Last week I was on the Handelsblatt class trip for the insurance industry - kids, it was great! But also exhausting.

Really learned a lot again. My head was on fire!

Megagut: Christopher Lohmann mentions Miss Moneypenny Technologies in the same breath as wefox and Neodigital Versicherung AG - as a small startup, that makes your ears prick up a little - but everyone starts small.😻 My goodness, are you proud of your no store 😊

Stephen Voss from Neodigital mentioned a nice approach in his article: Turn buy or make into 'bake'. Apart from the fact that the phrase is charming, it also makes sense. If you manage to innovate together with companies that are open to it, great things can come out of it. We are convinced of this approach anyway, so I took it over directly for my subsequent panel with Prof. Dr. Florian Elert, Daniel Eschbach, Christian Molt and Gerrit Diet. We discussed the challenges and lessons learned in precisely these areas.

However, as always, the best and most entertaining part was the conversations during the breaks.