Alliance: Tech4Leaders


Anna Bojíc


November 1, 2022

#ITHM Took us with them to #Tech4Leaders And in front of 30 international alliance CEOs handed me a mic 🎤... 😂 If you ever met me you know I'm crazy passionate about our product. Well. I suspect they picked up on that. 😁 In any case I tried to include relevance for everyone 🤳🤴👸🦄 and they rewarded me with great questions and a fun time. I hope they'll invite us really was a privilege to be at Allianz headquarters yesterday and be included in their program about trends and innovation. We even got to attend some of the sessions (I attended AI, Marc attended HR), they fed us lunch and spend time with us discussing our product and different use case applications.Biggest learning of the day? Allianz prefers “well selected SaaS” over “home made.” 🤩 (That's because they're super smart 💡) Btw the discount stands. No backsies! 😁 Special thanks goes out to InsurTech Hub Munich, Esther Eva Prax and Christian Gnam, thanks for micromanaging us. ❤️ And a quick shoutout to our startups buddies from GmbH and Carbon Claims That were also invited for very very good reasons.