A Porsche to go, please

Marius Pietsch
Team Lead & Innovation Manager

A Porsche to go, please

Porsche is one of our long-term clients in the automotive industry, which benefits from a continuous development of our solutions in the area of service, sales and customer retention. Journeys in native Mobile Wallet apps can be integrated particularly easily and with great impact into existing marketing and sales measures with the solutions from Miss Moneypenny Technologies. As a key industry with a long-standing market presence and strong brands, car manufacturers face the challenge of combining established offline structures with digital presence. This case study describes how Miss Moneypenny Technologies' Lead Nurturing solution supports Porsche in nurturing leads generated online and converting them into sales.

The target group is online. Dealerships are in town.

As a premium brand with a high reach target group, Porsche has invested in multiple sophisticated online lead generation measures. These tools are typically of high importance and resourced accordingly. The ICC car configurator will let you play around with all kinds of models, colours, engines and wheels. A Visualiser App will even show the result in your driveway.

Configuring your dream vehicle online creates a personal experience and initial impulse to consider buying. Yet, a decision to actually buy a premium vehicle is usually not made within minutes. It requires planned action - and visiting a car dealership in the offline world.

Noting down your “Porsche code” on paper, finding a dealership in town and then explaining your wishes yet again breaks the natural user flow at the most critical moment. That’s where our Lead Nurturing solutions come into play. Based on scientific models and technical solutions for journey automation, Lead Nurturing bridges the gap between online marketing and offline sales.

Guiding leads over the rubicon

Lead Nurturing solutions by Miss Moneypenny Technologies are built with human decision making in mind. A mobile wallet pass in marketing is particularly powerful when it comes to remind, enable and convert an initial interest into an actual decision. Social Media campaigns, interactive devices or a landing page, are great places to use multiple types of media and present a product, thus create a pre-actional lead. A tailored wallet pass journey takes on such traffic to guide prospects over the rubicon, from a pre-actional phase into action.For Porsche, that means: Taking on traffic from the ICC configurator, qualifying it in a wallet journey and offering multiple CTAs and connection to sales within the most meaningful timeline of a prospective buyer’s consideration phase.

We stay in touch

Our journey starts exactly when the user engagement is at its best: Once a vehicle has been configured online. Getting the individual configuration with all details and visualisation onto your smartphone is just a QR scan away.

Once the configuration is added to Wallet on any iOS or Android phone, it becomes a digital companion and can be accessed and amended, including live updates, at any time.

Sharing is enabled through our safe, data-friendly module, making sure everyone’s friends and family are able to share the excitement with their own marketing preferences. Users may connect to the AR Visualiser App at any point to show their results in different settings.

Engagement touch points are easy to implement and amend as a standardised concept which requires marketing managers to provide no more than a link and text. Various CTAs, timed with marketing success metrics in mind, will guide users to test drives, dealership contacts and available stock vehicles. A journey over time makes sure we strengthen and enable decision making, stay in touch, but never get annoying.

Want to try yourself? Visit porsche.de, configure any vehicle and press the “Save”-button. Which option do you chose - Pen & Paper, platform registration or the simple scan with your smartphone?